’s mission is to help seniors and their families find housing and care for themselves and their loved ones through the objective information they feature on their website and via their free Care Advisor service.

The following guide we are featuring here on our website contains information from to help you recognize the signs of abuse, identify assisted living violations and report any concerns you may have to the appropriate authorities. You will also learn where to find your state’s assisted living regulations.

A State By State Guide to Assisted Living Violations & Regulations

When a loved one moves to an assisted living facility, it’s perfectly normal for you to worry about them, the quality of their care, and how they are doing. You want them to enjoy a variety of activities, make friends, and get the care they need to stay active and healthy.

Unfortunately, just as it does in other care facilities, elder abuse is a serious issue in the United States, even at assisted living facilities.

While you can view the licensing history of Medicare-approved nursing homes online, there isn’t a similar site for assisted living facilities, which makes it difficult to choose the best facility for your loved ones. What makes it even more difficult is that every state has a different set of rules and licensing guidelines.

The World Health Organization released a report in October 2022 indicating that almost 17% of adults 60 and older had endured some form of abuse in a community setting during the last year. Since assisted living facilities are community settings, older adults and their loved ones should be aware of the potential for abuse.

When you read the Assisted Living Guide, you will learn:

  • Who Regulates Assisted Living Facilities
  • Abuse and Violations in Assisted Living Communities
  • How To Recognize Signs of Potential Elder Abuse in Assisted Living Facilities
  • Spotting Elder Abuse
  • How to Find Information About an Assisted Living Facility’s Past Violations
  • How to Report Violations of Assisted Living Regulations
  • How to Prepare to Make a Report
  • Where to Report Assisted Living Violations and Abuse in Each State

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