When a loved one is in need of a guardian, how do you know that is the best way to assist them? At DiFranza Law, P.A., we will assist you in determining the best way to assist your loved one in the most effective and appropriate method. Every individual has unique needs and differing abilities and guardianship is a way to assist persons who lack the capacity to manage their physical health and safety, protect or assert their rights, and/or manage their financial resources.

We understand that this is not an easy time. We will help you determine if guardianship is needed or if your loved one’s affairs can be managed with lesser restrictive form of assistance, such as through a durable power of attorney and health care surrogate designation or guardian advocacy.

Guardian Advocacy

When a child turns 18, the parents no longer have the legal right to obtain health information or make decisions on their behalf. Florida law provides a less complex process through §393.12 of the Florida Statutes for family members, friends or caretakers of a person with a developmental disability to obtain the legal authority to make decisions concerning matters such as healthcare, financial resources, social environment and education.

We can handle this process for you in a streamlined, efficient way. Let us take care of handling this for you.

Adoption is an extraordinary expression of love.

If you are looking to adopt a minor or an adult, our law firm can help with adoption attorney-related services. We work closely with stepparents, grandparents, distant relatives, and all types of families looking to grow. We can represent you throughout navigating the adoption process. Our experience and knowledge will help make the adoption process flow smoothly for you.

Let us help your family grow through adoption.

Estate Planning

All planning begins with an understanding of what matters most to you. Your estate planning may be limited or comprehensive and your peace of mind is what matters most to DiFranza Law, P.A.

You may only want a will with an ultra-simple distribution. Or planning may entail a more complex approach to include probate avoidance through a living trust with creation of subtrusts and tax considerations. A living trust, also referred to as a “revocable” trust, places your assets into a trust to benefit you during your life and to benefit your designated beneficiaries after your death. You may also want to include health and medical considerations, such as planning for incapacity to avoid the necessity of Guardianship by way of a durable power of attorney, health care surrogate designation, living will, and/or preneed guardian.

Keeping your peace of mind top priority, DiFranza Law can help you create a trust to ensure that your valuables go to the right parties, eliminating confusion or disputes. With this caring law firm as your guide, you can feel confident that your wishes will be captured and carried out, now and in the future.

We are here to work with you to make sure your wishes are heard and honored.


When a loved one passes away, there are many details requiring your attention. There are so many questions that you may be facing:

1) Do I keep paying the mortgage?
2) How do I access a checking account if I am not the beneficiary?
3) What if there is no will?

The probate process can be confusing. Get the answers you need with DiFranza Law, a caring law firm that will help you understand your options, making one part of a difficult time a little easier.

Elder Law

Elder law is the 360 approach that assists elders with special needs and their families. It is the area of law that includes all aspects of planning for aging, wellness, and incapacity.

To help you maintain the highest level of care, elder law allows us to integrate the social, medical, and long term care structures. DiFranza Law is particularly sensitive to the issues that are impacting elder clients and we can assist you in a number of areas including, advanced directives, capacity, guardianship, estate planning, probate, and more.

I have been a client of Lisa DiFranza for a little over a year now. There have been many circumstances where I needed to seek counsel from an attorney. Lisa demonstrates the ethics, compassion and diligence I look for in a lawyer. I have recommended her to several friends and family without any reservation. I know from personal experience that her client’s best interest is her first priority. Attorneys with this level of integrity are few and far between. She has been a true blessing to our family.

Lisa A.

Looks can be deceiving! When I was at my lowest and saddest point in my life., this lady latched on like a pit bull. She is a fighter. I will always think highly of her and will recommend her with no reservation to every one Even if she is not familiar with a particular situation, she makes it her business to learn the situation and will fight for you. Thank you Lisa!!!!!!

Virmia S.

Lisa has always been able to help me or find someone to help me with my legal needs. I appreciate her quick response time and her tenacity in the courtroom.

Elizabeth P.

I am so blessed to have Lisa as my attorney! Not only is she is an expert in her field, her morals and work ethic are exemplary. I never thought I would need an attorney… so, I was a bit nervous when I started looking for one. Lisa was referred to me by a friend and I am so thankful for that referral! I highly recommend Lisa DiFranza for any and all legal needs!

Gerri K.

Great experience! Lisa was a great listener, very diligent and a great problem solver.

Ty B.

Ms. DiFranza is not only one of the most professional lawyers but has strong ethics and is compassionate to her clients needs. She takes time and asks insightful questions. She researches important issues only charging the client when it follow the specific guidelines agreed upon with the client. I have used 3 different lawyers in the state of Florida in managing my daughters guardian account. She is the only one who has yet been able to successfully and appropriately represent her needs. We are very grateful to have had Ms Difranza’s support and was worth more than what she charged us. We highly recommend her.

Lisa D.

Lisa is extremely thorough and went above and beyond! Would highly recommend.

Melissa M.

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